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To travel or not to travel: full guide to enjoy holiday season

Holidays are around the corner, so what is the best way to celebrate New Year? Our memories are fed by our emotions and for those who cares to overwrite negative impact of past year, fun and joy of season celebration will set up the stage for a New Year. For some reason, this turns into crazy times when it is absolutely critical to do everything and even more: presents, impressive menu for the table and invites for guests. Do we always enjoy spending nights surfing online sales to get more presents? How to make these precious days memorable and enjoyable? Here are few simple steps that anyone can do to remember their transition into 2018 year.

  1. Get cold. New Year, Hanukkah and Christmas – although not historically – means snow! Enjoy it! Even in warm countries it is possible to find a skating rink or ice sculptures. In naturally cold places, make a snowman, watch some winter sports competitions, go for ski with friends, family or yourself.
  2. After you spend some time near cold snow – what can be better than a hot drink and fire? Spend evenings near fireplace with family playing games. If you do not have fireplace at home – or in nearby cafe – light up candles and sit near Christmas tree. This is the best time for board games and tales.
  3. Read a fairly tale that is related to this time of the year. This year I read Nutcracker to my little one.
  4. Go to see some show. Nutcracker ballet season is here in different versions! Dress up and make a night out. And you just finished the book, so no need to google libretto.
  5. About hot drinks: tea is not the only option (even if it is with rum and chocolates): hot wine is so seasonal and super easy to make. Warm cheap – since you ll mess up with taste – wine, add to the pot cinnamon, clove, and oranges. One can drop sugar with rum on fire, or just add sugar to the pot. Once ready ( smells good), ┬ámake a sugar rim around water glasses and add wine. Enjoy!
  6. Last but not least; travel. Many people from north travel to warm countries. Although initially it sounds like a good idea, dramatic changes in temperature that increase flu risk and missing snow fun is guaranteed. I suggest small towns near mountains or with local Christmas markets (Germany, Finland, and Austria are some great countries to go). Eastern Europe loves New Year, so you ll find plenty of attractions this season.
  7. Happy Holidays!!!!