One surprising way to add happiness

An old tale:

” Two kids were wondering what their mother, generally happy and healthy lady, is doing everyday for 2 hours behind the closed door in her room? One day they entered the room and saw her sitting at the table and having a cup of tea.

-What are you doing? – they asked

-Making a happy mom for you, – was the answer”.

Tea originates from China as well as both names, tea and chai. These words now spread to different languages. Interestingly, chai in US is referred to indian way of cooking  tea with milk and spices ( like cardamon and bay leaves). For the first time, tea was mentioned as a medicine but later it became a centerpiece of a ceremony in China, Korea and Japan. Drinking tea was a process not only in those countries but also  in Turkey, India and Russia (think of samovar). Not to mention famous British 5 o`clock tea! Drinking tea was taking time, whether it was a green tea with 3 min brewing time or a long way cooked Turkish black tea. This was a social event, a ritual that cannot be done quickly. Feels like a “black hole” of your time that you can never afford? Would you prefer a cup next to your computer?

A lot of articles and career advices are focused on how to become more efficient to do more things, how to fit more to-do-lists and workouts in life to become a better, healthier version of ourselves. Multiple interviews portrait successful people as very busy perfect machines that have each minute scheduled. Yet another bulk of advices focuses on how to overcome stress, anxiety and burned-out stretched in our lives. Hmm.. Apparently, with more workouts, strict diet and tons of yoga and mediation classes. Great and healthy advices, however they often lack moderation. We tend to run from one extreme (12-14 hours work day) to another (everyday workouts and crazy detox).

Here I feel like to add an advice that helps me in my daily life to balance work, my daughter activities, workouts, household,  and some social life and events. Performing all these activities do not make me feel happy. I like doing them when I am in a good mood. But if I don’t, I don’t. So from where shall I take this good mood? I took that old story literally and now everyday I take time to have my cup of tea. It is a ritual but no rule: nice cups, something sweet or not… Even more: a cup of coffee in the morning myself, tea with friend in the afternoon, and a glass of wine after dinner with my husband. All meant to enjoy and celebrate life on daily basis. During this time I play board games with my little one, chat with my friend, or simply sit quietly and just feel good. The key is to make it a priority. I feel happier because I feel my life better. This is my pleasant meditation ( meditation is a degree of awareness). With all those troubles, sadness and fun in life, happiness is the process of realizing the moment.  The life is not about rushing through the checklist, it is about living each day.