Luckily for us, humans, the intimate relationship between humans and plants is not solely built on consumption. The real reason why I think the plants are the key to this site as the source inspiration for taste development is our never-ending  adoration of their varieties and beauty. Flowers and plant ornaments decorate our dresses, buildings, walls and paintings. Like, for example, this artwork from Dale Chihuly ( more about Chihuly at: that is located at MFA museum in Boston.

The legendary floating gardens, meditation gardens in Japan, famous English and French parks that embraced the most beautiful palaces in the world are only few examples of our appreciation of plants. Part of the interiors and presents, we are happy to see them during celebrations in our lives and as a support for loss. One of the most beautiful gardens I visited is South Carolina Brookgreen Garden (photo below). Founded in 1931 by Archer and Anna Hyatt Huntington, it exhibits amazing integration of sculptures and plants. More on this unique place you can find here:


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Botanical gardens is something that I love to visit. Legendary Tulip Garden in Holland is one of the most famous gardens. During my childhood I used to come to Nikitskiy Botanical Garden in Crimea. It that was founded in 1812 by empiror AlexanderI and developed by botanists Christian Steven. Today, it is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Europe with close to 28000 species, flower festivals and research program.

This interest came partly form my education as a botanist (although the connection between unicellular algae and gardens is not that obvious), my childhood hobby as a cactus lover and from my grandma, who had a beautiful garden that she used as a sanctuary and a source of food.

Everything I wrote above may sound trivial but not obvious in our daily live. The connection between plants and our outfits is essential. Here I put together several examples that might help when next time you ask yourself, what is the guide to match the colors?

As you can see, the same idea also works when we think about setting the table. In fact, I like pink and orange color combination. It feels happy!