How fashion adds colors to gender spectrum

The exhibition “Gender Bending Fashion” (opened last week at MFA) features a unique collection of examples that reveal the ground and history of fusion between previously strictly separated gender-centered clothes. As timely as it is, this idea did not appear overnight, instead we already made centuries-long way to the point where it doesn’t matter what gender you are or prefer to be, it matters what you personally like or dislike to wear. This point of freedom does not eliminate your gender identity, but adds the possibilities to the way you would like to highlight yourself. The exhibition begins with a chronological outline, however items are grouped based on the themes. Most of garments are contemporary but there are a few older items that highlight the historical roots of this phenomenon. The first opening dress of “Gender Bending Fashion” is a dress created by an Italian-born designer with Japanese experience and inspiration, Alessandro Trincone. The dress comes from his “Vfiles runaway 7” award- winning collection Annodami that was later used in an album cover photoshoot of rapper Young Thug, thus sparking public debates about men wearing dresses. The novelty of Trincone (@alessandrotrincone ) work is in usage of typical feminine fabrics like shiffon, to dress up men. In my opinion, his work also brings a significant portion of traditions and cultural notes into this high quality fusion. This takes an interesting turn, as with times, conservative traditional clothes is almost gone from wardrobe of our houses. Blending traditions with contemporary concept gives fresh vibes and reminds society about the fact that traditions have more value in our life’s in their contemporary reincarnation instead of their passive existence outside of a daily context. One of the most appreciated dresses at “Gender Bending fashion” is look32 from Viktor & Rolf (@viktorandrolf ) 2003 “One women show” collection. The show was inspired by their muse Tilda Swindon. At the time of show, the collection aimed to dress a modern women in a high couture men-style clothes. “It’s our tenth anniversary already,” said Viktor Horsting. “We wanted to do all our signatures, with the menswear and the couture influences, for an ageless modern woman.” The layered collars are simply timeless. Retrospective look at the show let me think about the idea that was in the air of exhibition but was not said loudly: women began to dress in men- styled clothes way before men began to dress in women- inspired ones. There are many social reasons behind this phenomenon, but I would like to believe that now as a society, we are more flexible in acceptance of new things. At that time, masculine suits for women were intended to create a classic power-suit in order to open doors to men-dominated professional world, hence the androgenic ageless beauty. Indeed, power-suits add seriousness. However, we should keep in mind that in reality, this trend tends to emphasize feminine nature often working as a contrast with shapes of fuller figures. Looks great, but I guess the result is different from the initial intention. What does it means and what we will see in men with women-inspired styles? Will it highlight masculinity or tone down the aggression? Just asking – time will show! •

P.S. dress presentation is one of the key components of the experience, was done by @chelsea_garunay •

Seeing things pretty: a Zen skill and a social media

The idea of blogging came as an attempt to balance the load of everyday life and to compensate the of living my day as a “checklist”. As a consequence, for a couple of months, I begin taking pictures that reflect little details of my daily life. What I noticed is that I start to look at world around me in a different way. For example, having my cup of coffee became more of a ritual, but also appeared in front of my eyes as a chain of “snapshots” of pretty pictures.

As a person, who used to oppose the idea of social media (except for professional) as an unnecessary substitution for friendship and a waste of time, I now have to admit that my new account on Instagram is full of snapshots that I enjoy every day.  From this I beging to conclude that “forced” ( as I am interested in taking a picture) search for a great frame is more than just a photo – it helps me to develop a forgotten skill to observe what surrounds me. The “checklist ” became secondary to my realization of “the moment” and this is one of ideas that I hope to incorporate into my life.


The photo above is a snapshot that I took at my work while working on laptop and glancing out of the window. I saw the same view many times, often noticing the construction. However only recently I saw the beauty of the plant that flowers more than a month! Isn’t this a Zen way of living? If yes, the role of social media in this transformation is a very curious phenomenon.


The Best Photo I took in 2017

Here we are saying goodbye to 2017.  Thinking of positive moments of past year, this is the best photo i took in 2017. Some people suggest to keep your s..t together – I have better suggestion: keep your chromosomes together: it is more important! On the photo: dividing human cell where color-coded are the proteins that cover chromosomes. Soon enough they will come all together at one line to check if everyone is here, and then , move to a new emerging cells. Loss of chromosomes is often seen in cancer. So wish for many years ahead: keep your chromosomes together!


New Year countdown after Merry Christmas: treat your family and yourself

This is a very social time of the year. And hectic too… every year I used to work this week between Christmas and New Year Eve, either at work or from home. Well, work did not exclude friends and family events. Urgently put together, the New Year resolutions included taking more time to rest… and the next day the work began again. The body did not have any chance to recover from severe overeating, alcohol consumption and late nights… Right. Where actually, do I work? Here? What exactly I am doing? Why?  This year I changed the rules.


Leaving work early on Friday, I had coffee with my husband and went to hairdresser and eyebrow rehab. Finally, I felt like I am a woman and not a workhorse anymore. A week off. Parties with family and friends are followed by a day to recover. Other days we spend on mountain. While I cannot ski this year, my little one and my husband enjoy it. Once we back home, we do nothing. Just cup of tea… movie or chatting. Or taking a nap. The life began to have more meaning without any spiritual practice. Amazingly, the life is full of events if you cut down extra things. Less is more. Happy New Year!

P.S. one more time about resolutions.. do I really want to add more plans to my already full plate? and torture myself with strict diets, calling this healthy lifestyle? I choose to  listen to myself, the body and mind, and to be more relax.