The idea of this blog came from realization that dressing up everyday can be challenging. Why? The fine balancing act between time, budget, profession, family and (last, but not least) hobbies leaves almost no chance to develop personal style. How to dress in settings like academics, where one has to work in the lab and attend the seminar during the same day? T-shirt and jeans make sense when the dress code is not an issue. However will it be enough for every woman during years of work? Everyone is different and this is beautiful! While I often experiment with my outfits and occasionally help my friends to organize their closets, I would like to document the best experiments and see if they can be helpful for you. What you wear often reflects your state of mind. It is well established that the inspiration for good mood and looks often comes from art, nature and food. That is why this blog is not limited to clothes. Hence is the name “Vinegrette”: a salad that mixes and infuses ingredients with oil and develops a new taste. This site aims to share the events, foods and thoughts that inspire to find own taste for dress and for life. Welcome!

Anastasia Kant