Month: December 2017

How to style over the knee boots and leather skirt for work/casual look

At first thought, the idea of leather skirt as a work outfit is bizarre. It is even more dramatic when your age is over 20. The combination of over the knee boots and leather skirt is very dangerous as it reminds of “uniform” and can be misleading if worn to work or other public places (other than clubs). But on practice, it all depends on specifics of each garment and the way these items are styled together. The rule is that  leather skirt  should cover the top of  boots.  


I like suede boots, but leather boots will look great too. Amazingly, pencil skirts typically fit all shapes and ages so such outfit can be worn in any age group. Consequently, investing in leather skirt and suede over the knee boots is a style- and budget-friendly idea. In fact, this is one of the best combinations: short boots that leave that stripe of leg between edge of skirt and the top of the boot visually “cut” the leg and therefore  “shorten”  the hight.


Surprisingly, leather shirt looks great with dress shirts. It can be also paired with cropped jackets or long wool coats. Moreover, the same skirt can be used with another top for cocktail events – great if you have no time to go home and change before the event. But here I just would like to point the value of leather skirt as a workhorse for casual look. Enjoy your workday in leather skirt!


Winter outfits: style yourself warm and comfy to be healthy and happy

Winter looks that demonstrate trench coats and little clothes might look pretty and trendy but they do not address main issue – cold. That is why, when winter strikes, outfits and health suffer. Who needs a nice outfit that will make you freezing all day and make you end up with running nose and fever? Taking care of ourselves includes keeping our bodies warm when needed.


Here I start winter series of outfits that keep me warm and happy with the way I look. Also, many of them do not compromise comfort but deviate from traditional “long puffy coat ” outfits.



This is the time to become serious about winter clothes! To sustain cold climate and be happy to run out of warm house to cold air I suggest the version of cozy outfit  that combines velvet track pants and teddy-bear jacket. Remember to cover your head and hands – they are the first to get cold!  I like to make the contrast between sportswear and faux ( I do not wear real) fur. Thermo leggings and woolen turtleneck help with lower temperatures. Also, sneakers can be easily substituted with white snow boots and make this look suited for apres ski. This concept can be translated by any budget.  So stay warm, happy and enjoy snow!

Happy holidays!



To travel or not to travel: full guide to enjoy holiday season

Holidays are around the corner, so what is the best way to celebrate New Year? Our memories are fed by our emotions and for those who cares to overwrite negative impact of past year, fun and joy of season celebration will set up the stage for a New Year. For some reason, this turns into crazy times when it is absolutely critical to do everything and even more: presents, impressive menu for the table and invites for guests. Do we always enjoy spending nights surfing online sales to get more presents? How to make these precious days memorable and enjoyable? Here are few simple steps that anyone can do to remember their transition into 2018 year.

  1. Get cold. New Year, Hanukkah and Christmas – although not historically – means snow! Enjoy it! Even in warm countries it is possible to find a skating rink or ice sculptures. In naturally cold places, make a snowman, watch some winter sports competitions, go for ski with friends, family or yourself.
  2. After you spend some time near cold snow – what can be better than a hot drink and fire? Spend evenings near fireplace with family playing games. If you do not have fireplace at home – or in nearby cafe – light up candles and sit near Christmas tree. This is the best time for board games and tales.
  3. Read a fairly tale that is related to this time of the year. This year I read Nutcracker to my little one.
  4. Go to see some show. Nutcracker ballet season is here in different versions! Dress up and make a night out. And you just finished the book, so no need to google libretto.
  5. About hot drinks: tea is not the only option (even if it is with rum and chocolates): hot wine is so seasonal and super easy to make. Warm cheap – since you ll mess up with taste – wine, add to the pot cinnamon, clove, and oranges. One can drop sugar with rum on fire, or just add sugar to the pot. Once ready ( smells good),  make a sugar rim around water glasses and add wine. Enjoy!
  6. Last but not least; travel. Many people from north travel to warm countries. Although initially it sounds like a good idea, dramatic changes in temperature that increase flu risk and missing snow fun is guaranteed. I suggest small towns near mountains or with local Christmas markets (Germany, Finland, and Austria are some great countries to go). Eastern Europe loves New Year, so you ll find plenty of attractions this season.
  7. Happy Holidays!!!!



Vintage: use it to tell your story

In continuation of my “Boho chic” post, Vintage comes as a natural topic.  Just note, that similar to Boho, it is often associated with 70s. Initially “vintage” was related to certain year good quality wine that becomes better after few years. Now lots of people refer almost to every second hand clothes as vintage… I recently noticed that there is some confusion between “vintage”,” retro” and “secondhand”, so here is a little glossary:

Antique: the item is at least 100 years old

Vintage: the garment is 20-75 years old

Retro: the definition is broad and includes not only the age of garment or accessory but also refers to the style the new garment was made

Secondhand: worn before by someone else (includes vintage, antique, but also contemporary pieces)

Vintage as a market trend being around for decades, so clearly, this is a well established direction to develop personal style. It is also rare to see a person who would demonstrate pure vintage style. So most of the times people mix vintage items with new. Vintage clothes supposed to have certain age and of a good quality and as a fair consequence, a certain price tag.

So why would I write about vintage in my blog, where I tend to discuss budget outfits? Well, “budget” does not mean “not unique”, but more importantly, most people can find interesting and unique vintage garments in their family houses. Why we should care about vintage? To me personally, this means to tell a story. More specifically, this is  my family story, the way I incorporate my family past and remember it. The bag that I show here my grandma gave me two years ago- and it was out last meeting. She got it in 50s to go out with my grandpa is St. Petersburg. This is Chinese bag with pagodas. I feel happy wearing it and thinking about my grandma. Here I combined the bag with a very interesting dress form ASOS that is warm for winter events and beautifully decorated with plastic flowers. The bag and the dress have similar colors and share floral theme. These two circumstances help me to connect different centuries.

P.S.  This post is inspired by my grandma. One of the helpful resources about vintage I found here:




Cozy boho chic

While we agree that the first association with boho chic comes from “make love and not war” statement,  roots of this style are much older than popular and never-out-of-fashion 70s. Boho chic style goes back to Bohemians and here the things are getting complicated. Bohemians are believed to be Bohemian Romanies that originated in Eastern Europe from Northern India about 1000 years ago (Kendrick, Donald (2007). Historical Dictionary of the Gypsies (Romanies) (2nd ed.). Scarecrow Press.).  Bohemian Romanies (“Gypsy”) gave an idea of free spirit and expression to poor artists much later (18th century) in France, especially after french revolution lead to lack of art support and patronage by wealthy people. Bohemian style at that time represents a different approach to artistic expression.

 Here I am citing the article about history of Bohemian style written by D.Monet

“With their long flowing hair and rich, though threadbare fabrics, bohemians stand out in a crowd representing a colorful counterculture based on creativity, poverty, and an indifference to social structures and traditions…. A new cult of personality emerged with the artist as hero and individual style expressed in the way one dressed. An artist became a special type of person, not merely a crafts person, but a kind of eccentric genius whose creativity was displayed in the way they lived and looked. The artist himself (or herself) was a piece of art.”

Fast forwarded history, the ideological basis of bohemian style got transformed from the initial idea of expression of art and individualism in it`s non-materialistic version with presumably poor hygiene into a pricey fashion statement that dominates runways (Desigual is one of the companies that promotes the beauty of this style, see also Chloe SS18 collection). At the same time, during it`s 200 years history, boho style did not change the general principles of clothes style like it`s characteristic flowing dresses and layers with ethnic motifs from natural fabrics. So what happens now? In my opinion, today boho chic is a way to express comfort and individualism more than the intellectual and artistic social class. The visual attractiveness perhaps, is one of the major reasons that detached boho style from it`s initial poor economic but artistic origin. Such detachment  ironically, once more allowed this style to  gain its freedom from social cliche.

For this fall I use velvet buttonless cardigan, boyfriend jeans and tassel earrings with suede Ralph Lauren shoes to translate gypsy free spirit ( and they are known for their love for freedom!)  to inspire my everyday life.


Two more words about millennial pinks

In two words: had it/will have it. Why? This color, or to be more specific, a range of pink hues (pastel pink, blush, nude),  was around for a long time and represents classic pink shades that ladies were wearing way before millennials were born. Some of well-known combinations include pinks with different grey and white shades. For example,  my high school teacher used to combine millennial pink blouses with brown-grey tailored suits. The most recent version of this combo can be seen in this year Nike collection. Therefore,  it is hard to find new inspiration for daily life and the good news is most likely you already have some quality items of this color. Except for new SS18 collections ( that are both, inspiring and far from a daily routine. Perhaps the most suitable for cold time of the year is look from  Molly Goddard and the trickiest ones to pull are mixed pink with yellow or green looks. During fall/winter season I use retro dress with lace and black over-the knee suede boots. I tone down this look to fit my casual activities by adding my favorite ivory and beige large bag. This look should fit most of figure shapes and ages.