Where is your home?

Here I discuss what makes a place a home that warms us on cold winter nights. We are not discussing gas vs oil heating here.

Where to settle?  Where to make your home? For some people this is just a practical question. For many others, this question combines philosophy that should also fit lifestyle, job and school districts. Obviously, there is no “one size fits all” model. But more than that, it seems, that there also no “one home fits all my life” model. At least not for everyone. And the fact that many millennials do not care about buying a home, supports this idea. You change. And your needs change too: jobs, family status. So changing homes comes naturally. Is it? Really? 



Sometimes I think we are like snails, carry our homes with us. Houses change, indeed. Home is your little special things: painting from a grandpa, a vase that your friends got for your birthday, or a pillow that your grandma made for you. Home is the energy that you invest in place where you live.  This what makes you rested and cozy in cold winter. That is why it takes time to feel at home in a new place: it takes time to invest warm energy in a new house.  

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