New Year countdown after Merry Christmas: treat your family and yourself

This is a very social time of the year. And hectic too… every year I used to work this week between Christmas and New Year Eve, either at work or from home. Well, work did not exclude friends and family events. Urgently put together, the New Year resolutions included taking more time to rest… and the next day the work began again. The body did not have any chance to recover from severe overeating, alcohol consumption and late nights… Right. Where actually, do I work? Here? What exactly I am doing? Why?  This year I changed the rules.


Leaving work early on Friday, I had coffee with my husband and went to hairdresser and eyebrow rehab. Finally, I felt like I am a woman and not a workhorse anymore. A week off. Parties with family and friends are followed by a day to recover. Other days we spend on mountain. While I cannot ski this year, my little one and my husband enjoy it. Once we back home, we do nothing. Just cup of tea… movie or chatting. Or taking a nap. The life began to have more meaning without any spiritual practice. Amazingly, the life is full of events if you cut down extra things. Less is more. Happy New Year!

P.S. one more time about resolutions.. do I really want to add more plans to my already full plate? and torture myself with strict diets, calling this healthy lifestyle? I choose to  listen to myself, the body and mind, and to be more relax.



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