How to style over the knee boots and leather skirt for work/casual look

At first thought, the idea of leather skirt as a work outfit is bizarre. It is even more dramatic when your age is over 20. The combination of over the knee boots and leather skirt is very dangerous as it reminds of “uniform” and can be misleading if worn to work or other public places (other than clubs). But on practice, it all depends on specifics of each garment and the way these items are styled together. The rule is that  leather skirt  should cover the top of  boots.  


I like suede boots, but leather boots will look great too. Amazingly, pencil skirts typically fit all shapes and ages so such outfit can be worn in any age group. Consequently, investing in leather skirt and suede over the knee boots is a style- and budget-friendly idea. In fact, this is one of the best combinations: short boots that leave that stripe of leg between edge of skirt and the top of the boot visually “cut” the leg and therefore  “shorten”  the hight.


Surprisingly, leather shirt looks great with dress shirts. It can be also paired with cropped jackets or long wool coats. Moreover, the same skirt can be used with another top for cocktail events – great if you have no time to go home and change before the event. But here I just would like to point the value of leather skirt as a workhorse for casual look. Enjoy your workday in leather skirt!


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