Two more words about millennial pinks

In two words: had it/will have it. Why? This color, or to be more specific, a range of pink hues (pastel pink, blush, nude),  was around for a long time and represents classic pink shades that ladies were wearing way before millennials were born. Some of well-known combinations include pinks with different grey and white shades. For example,  my high school teacher used to combine millennial pink blouses with brown-grey tailored suits. The most recent version of this combo can be seen in this year Nike collection. Therefore,  it is hard to find new inspiration for daily life and the good news is most likely you already have some quality items of this color. Except for new SS18 collections ( that are both, inspiring and far from a daily routine. Perhaps the most suitable for cold time of the year is look from  Molly Goddard and the trickiest ones to pull are mixed pink with yellow or green looks. During fall/winter season I use retro dress with lace and black over-the knee suede boots. I tone down this look to fit my casual activities by adding my favorite ivory and beige large bag. This look should fit most of figure shapes and ages.



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